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Medentra Plus – An industry leader

Introduced by MEDENTRA Group, MEDENTRA Plus, is a recognized name in the supply line of Dental and Surgical reusable hand instruments, trusted widely in Europe, North America and Far East Asia for its instruments made to precision with unparalleled craftsmanship and doing whatever we can to be the best for the people who rely on MEDENTRA.

We wish to be there for all our valued customers including dentists, hygienists, implant surgeons & specialists, and dental students throughout their entire careers who continue to choose MEDENTRA products for all their dental instruments needs. 

MEDENTRA Plus tradition-rich online dental shop, was launched to introduce our premium range of items only, aiming at making a benchmark as one-in-all online Dental store that potentially brings and offers dental equipment for everyday use general dentistry, oral surgery, orthodontics, implantology, periodontics, Rubber Dam Instruments and for dental labs & technicians making the store a one-stop-point for a hassle free seamless shopping experience.

All our products are engineered and optimized to provide unmatched clinical outcomes, are easy to use, more efficient and put less stress on dental professionals and patients. 

Moreover, Instrument’s ergonomic designs will ensure the ease and confidence of both you and your patients. This results in a relaxed, calm environment that satisfies Dental professionals, patients, and parents alike, hence, a world class clinical care is delivered.

Practicing this philosophy of our instrument’s craftmanship, we have managed to make quality our trademark and we seek to maintain and achieve this every day by delivering a world class service, be it for a quality of products, easy returns, customer support, product finding, or clinic management.


The extreme level of MEDENTRA plus product’s craftsmanship goes into every single step of their creation and becomes evident every time a professional uses them. Our manufacturing staff completes nearly 80% of the process by hand as they meticulously mold, treat, and sharpen instruments to precision.


To ensure maximum satisfaction of our valued customers, we are offering free shipping to all US customers along with same day shipping if orders are placed before the cut-off time of 3 pm. Furthermore, there are no administrative or handling service costs.

As for international orders, we have ensured minimal international shipping charges by giving subsidized shipping rates and in some cases, free shipping may also be applied where the invoice value of an order exceed a certain value.


We take pride in announcing our relaxed and stress free 60 days returns policy as long as the product is not used, even if the product packaging was opened.


We understand that it can sometime be frustrated when ordering a particular instrument, finding a certain item or even when inquiring a simple process. All our customers are ensured a dedicated customer support executive who will happily listen to your call and deliver exceptional help thus saving your valuable time.


MEDENTRA is known for offering precision quality instruments at prices considerably lower than other similar Dental & Surgical instrument’s sellers.

The best thing about our brand retail product pricing is that customers do not have to bother about figuring out if they are really getting the competitive pricing when comparing with other brands as every customer is ensured our best price upfront.


If you are looking to become MEDENTRA product’s supplier or distributor in your country or area, and or wish to buy items in bulk for your dental practice, please contact us directly either via email or give us a ring at +1 (201) 563-3041 to speak to our friendly staff and enquire about bulk quantity discounts.

Some of Medentra Plus products includes, medical and surgical scissors, cheek and mouth retractors for oral surgery, Dental Scalers, Dental Curettes, Dental probes, Dental Hatchets, Speciality Instruments, Cutters, Hand Instruments, Hemostats, Pliers, Dental Tweezers, Mathieus, Dental Needle Holders, Tungsten Carbide Pliers, Ortho Lingual Collection,  Orthodontic Set-up Kits, Dental Periosteal Elevators and Scalers, Dental Elevators, Dental Tooth Forceps, Rubber Dam Instruments, Impression Trays, Dental Ligature Director and Scalers, Band Pushers, Instruments Cassettes, Margin Trimmers, Tissue Forceps, Burnishers, Aesthetic Instruments, Placement Instruments, Spatulas, Knives, Waxing Instruments, Pluggers, Gingival Cord Packers, Hoes, Dental Carvers, Composite Instruments, Crown Removers, Amalgam Files, Distal End Cutter, Hard Wire Cutter, Ligature Wire Cutter, Cut and Hold Distal End Cutter, Pin & Ligature Cutter, Flush Cut Distal Cutter, Micro-Mini Ligature & Pin Cutter, Micro Cutter, Bird Beal Pliers, Adams Flat on Flat Pliers, Universal Pliers, Weingart Pliers, How Pliers Straight, Band Seating Pliers, Adhesive Removing Pliers, Long Posterior Pliers, Angulated Bracket Removing Pliers, Crown and Brand Contouring Pliers, Jaraback Pliers, Three Jaw Pliers, Omega Loop Forming Pliers, Tweed Loop Pliers, Arch Bending Pliers, Rectangular Arch Bending Pliers, Niti Pliers, Debonding Pliers, Dental calipers, Dental aligners, Orthodontic elastics, Removal Instruments, Amalgam carriers, Dental surgery instruments, Buccal tubes, Orthodontic brackets, Osteotomes, Mucotomes, Periotomes, Surgical mallets, Dental scissors, Dental excavators, Dental retractors, Dental surgical knives.